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Professional, Safe Asbestos & Hazardous Material Removal

Controlled Asbestos, Inc. has been removing and/or encapsulating asbestos in the State of Iowa since 1988. Our employees have over 18 years of asbestos removal experience and are licensed in the state of Iowa to safely perform all of your removal needs.

We can handle your hazardous material needs

Let Controlled Asbestos, Inc. handle all of your hazardous material removal needs. With familiarity in both large and small environments including hospitals, banks, schools, commercial and industrial plants and office buildings, we are confident in our ability to safely take care of your project. In situations where a building cannot be vacated for a material removal venture because a business must continue to operate, our technicians will effectively remove asbestos, lead-based paint and mold as you continue normal business operations.

Full containment method for asbestos removal

We use the most advanced techniques and technology to remove and dispose of asbestos material. Negative air machines are used to filter the air for a safer environment both inside and outside the work area. A full containment method may be used for large projects while the “glove bag” method can be used on smaller, shorter projects. Both approaches will include safe removal and a full cleanup of the space.

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